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Precautions In Poly Pre For Shoe Sole Production Process

Jul. 31, 2019

1. The feeding sequence is a key step in the composition and production process, of Poly Pre For Shoe Sole which has a great influence on the mixing time and mixing uniformity. If water is added first, the polyether has a high surface tension, poor compatibility with water, and a strong hydrogen bond between the water and the reactive group hydroxyl group in the polyether, so it is difficult to mix evenly. It is recommended to use the following feeding sequence. : foam stabilizers - catalysts - crosslinkers - foaming agents - cell openers, etc. Do not add foaming agent to the polyether under static conditions. Otherwise, more gelatinous material (caused by hydrogen bonding) will be formed, which is not easy to mix evenly.

2. Under certain conditions, the dispersibility of the additive in the Polyurethane Plyol is a function of the mixing time. In theory, the longer the mixing time, the more uniform the mixing and the better the stability. Taking the 1000L reactor as an example, in the correct feeding mode, the material is mixed for 90 minutes to achieve satisfactory results.

Poly Pre For Shoe Sole